The best thing that the U.S. Apple Association can do to further build their brand is to show off what makes our apples so fantastic. High-quality produce is best represented by high-quality photography.

Below are some samples of the kind of work I can do for you. I wanted to highlight that it's more than just apples on the tree—it's the land, the people, and the foods that can be made with the amazing, humble apple. 


More than just stunning photos, you might be interested in having us:

  • Develop a recipe of the month club with our in-house food stylist.
  • Profile the farmers because, more than ever, people want to know where their food comes from.
  • Redesign your POS varietal cards to show why U.S. Apples are simply better.

Contact me at (206) 228-0728 or by email at I really look forward to growing America's most delicious produce—its apples.