My passion lies in telling stories. There is nothing I love more than capturing what happens behind the scenes to bring food to our tables. Whether it's documenting a busy kitchen or a working farm, I'm only too happy to pull on my rubber boots and shoot the action. That being said, I also love working in my studio, playing with props and creating vignettes of beautifully composed recipes. I have a degree in fine art, so working with color and texture comes naturally. 

In September 2016, my little family and I sold our home in beautiful West Seattle and moved to Southern Vermont. Why? After having my son in 2014, our priorities changed. We wanted a slower pace, a smaller town and a more sustainable lifestyle. I have always loved Vermont and the location of our new town is in the heart of New England, giving me the perfect opportunity to expand my food photography business to this part of the country. I have kept my studio in Seattle, and travel back regularly to work with new and existing clients, and I have also built a second studio (with a whole new collection of props and surfaces!) in our home in Brattleboro, Vermont. I am thrilled to fulfill a long-held dream of working bi-coastally, while simultaneously honoring my family’s need for a change of scenery. I also offer food photography workshops in both Southern Vermont and Seattle, Washington. 

When I am not working, I'm often spending time with my husband, Joe, our dog, Nina Simone, and our son, Hugo. I'm a big fan of roadtrips, music, red wine, good coffee, antique shops, hiking, farmers markets and the beach. 

Clients (a partial list):